Founded in the Fifties for the building of tested tanks and sandblasting machines, VESPA SABBIATRICI S.r.l has now expanded its activity in the design and the construction of plants and equipment for the anticorrosive treatment of metal artefact, blasting machines, shot-peening plants with compressed air for stainless steel.

Today our staff consists of 25 people including technical and administrative employees, employees in production and the final assembly.
The tested tanks and the main components of plants are built at our workshop; furthermore we collaborate with two external carpentries for the building of structures, such as cabins' panels, filters bodies, lower bases, etc.

The final preparation and the pre-assembly are made in our production department. VESPA SABBIATIRICI S.r.l. has two productive head offices in Italy with a total area of 4.000 sq m. of which 2.500 sq m. under cover; and a branch in Madrid of 500 sq m.
The sales organisation is made of agents in each Italian region and in the following countries: Croatia - Germany - Romania - Austria - France - Switzerland - Portugal - Tunisia - Russia.
The sales agencies have qualified staff, trained in our factory for maintenance's interventions. Our society is addressed to the continuous research of innovations, which are tested on sample installations for some months and then they will be assembled on normal production equipments.


Our production consists of:

  • Sandblasting rooms with steel grit for carbon steel parts;
  • Sandblasting rooms with glass beads or ceramic for stainless steel or aluminium parts;
  • Sandblasting rooms with garnet or corundum for industrial vehicles;
  • Big blasting and painting rooms for shipyard;
  • Automatic installations of air compressed sandblasting;
  • Sandblasting automatic installations for internal tubes;
  • Air treatment groups;
  • Grit recovery installations vacuum packed.
  • Blasting machines